Jean Baptiste Frédéric Isidor – better known as Toots – Thielemans is no doubt one of Belgium’s greatest musicians of all time. He worked with legends such as Charlie Parker, Quincy Jones, George Shearing, Ella Fitzgerald…and recorded and performed multiple times with Marc Matthys.
In honor of his friend, Marc is releasing newly recorded videos of Toots’ music, and initiated – together with Sabam and The Legacy of Toots Thielemans – a nationwide competition for all music students to cover, interpret or write a song that is closely related to Toots in any shape or form.
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A global honoration of Belgian jazz legend Toots Thielemans

Marc’s collaboration with Toots did not go unnoticed. published an article Vijf interessante duetten van Toots Thielemans and selected Elegy and Rondeau out of the Bach Meets Jazz Again cd as one of five interesting duets.

Discover #Toots100 performances

27 April 2022 – Anderlecht
4 June 2022 – Antwerp
6 June 2022 – Kortrijk
26 June 2022 – Kortrijk
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