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“Boasting a truly astounding sense of craftsmanship and injected with both a great dealof technical brilliance and musical depth, Marc Matthy’s jaw-dropping instrumental serves as atestament to the timeless sound of jazz and its ability to inspire, excite, and enthrall, resulting ina thoroughly captivating listening experience that’s replete with virtuosic piano explorations,finger-twisting double bass lines, and a great deal of musical depth.” (Shades CD – Simple Waltz review)

Andre Avanessian (U.K.)


One of Belgium’s most versatile musicians, Marc Matthys is an expert in classical, jazz, pop and crossover music. He has shared the stage with many giants of the music world including Roby Lakatos, Toots Thielemans, Alvin Queen, Eddie Daniels, Shirley Bassey, Walter Boeykens, Dirk Brossé, and Paquito D’Rivera. Throughout his career, he has realized more than 30 CD’s, 2 DVD’s, and has toured in Europe, Russia, China and the USA. Please navigate here for a full bio and check out his discography here.

Photo by Sofie Vandenhoven, from Marc Matthys in Concert Livestream

“A perfect synthesis of classical, popular and jazzmusic, wonderfully conceived and executed by a true giant of the piano and his talented friends.” (Crossings CD review)

Cees schrama (nl)


As a composer, Marc Matthys has written over 140 compositions, including chamber music, solo pieces, and works for larger ensembles and orchestras. Marc’s music has won several awards, such as the KLARA Composition Prize of 2005 and BAP/SABAM Prize for Jazz Themes. His compositions have been performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Flanders, the Belgian National Orchestra, the Saint-Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, I Fiamminghi, Arco Baleno, and many more.
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Photo by Sabine Deknudt

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“With Marc Matthys we are in the presence of a musician solidly rooted in classical music and piano literature. Jazz is more than a flirt for him: he feels it and loves it. Playing with him is a pleasurable experience”(CD Bach meets Jazz again, MMP010)

Toots Thielemans

Chris Maene Straight Strung series

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…Das Crossover, das Matthys hier auf faszinierende Art erschaffen hat, kann als musikalisches Beispiel für viele soziale, wirtschaftliche und politische Bereiche des 21. Jahrhunderts gesehen werden, anregen, nachdenklich machen oder aber einfach nur entspannend zurücklehnen und geniessen lassen.

Ein Geben und Nehmen zwischen den Flötisten und dem Quartett mit einer perfekten Abstimmung in der Balance macht das Album zu einem unterhaltsamen Kunstwerk auf hohem Niveau. (Best of Both Worlds CD review)

Claudia Wälder-Jene “Flöte Aktuell” (DE)

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“As the notes of “Illusion” unfurl in a cascade of mesmerizing sound, it becomes immediately apparent that the pianist behind this electrifying jazz piece is not merely a musician but a virtuoso, a sorcerer of keys weaving a spellbinding tale through the instrument – enter Marc Matthys. The composition begins with a delicate touch, a pianissimo entrance that draws the listener into a realm where the line between reality and illusion blurs, and musical fantasy takes over. Marc Matthys has crafted a truly mesmerizing Jazz instrumental that manages to blissfully combine tantalizing dashes of harmonic complexity with dashing bouts of melodic flair and commanding musicianship, resulting in a deeply absorbing listening experience from start to finish.” (Shades CD – Illusion review)

Andre Avanessian (U.K.)